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Jazzy Jems

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Meet Teenya Blanchard the driving force behind Jazzy Jems. Teenya lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband and their three shiz tzus ( Beatrice, Benjamin and Bonnie. Teenya graduated with a Fashion Merchandising degree . Jazzy Jems is a work of PASSION and RELATIONSHIPS and was founded in February 2002. After 15 years in the Corporate world of Marketing and Telecommuncations , Teenya decided to follow her Passion and Education to persuit her dream of owning a boutique. Jazzy Jems started as a jewelry only business and over the years has developed into the boutique it is today. Specializing in Stylist Clothing, Fashion Jewelry and Gift Items. When you shop with our Brand you become a friend of Jazzy Jems. We want you to feel comfortable as you visit us, because you are uniquely SPECIAL. The contents of Jazzy Jems are chosen with knowledge of the current styles and enviroment in which we are living. We look for items with high stylish quality that bring beauty to your personally, your home and through the gifts you give to others. Jazzy Jems is a fun and small town feel never meeting a stranger. Jazzy Jems is known by the locals as the place to find a fun unique clothing piece, warm and special home gift or birthday gift, while running into your friends for a visit. Jazzy Jems is an extention of our home and everyone is a special guest. Most of all Teenya loves to have fun and never meets a stranger, so come in and visit with us. Thank you for visiting us on our website and in our Store.